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Toku Tsuru

Natural Health Drink

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SunTen has launched a new series of health drinks, which is derived from natural ingredients. The natural essences provide essential nutrition in a convenient capsule form. Hence, we created a series of illustrative packaging design to highlight the use of natural ingredients in the products.


Aside from using illustrations of real ingredients to highlight the natural elements of the product, we thought that using a watercolour technique would be a unique way to present the ingredients. This is because watercolours can present a softer and more organic image, as well as provide more creative space for us to design the product packaging.

Other Options

We have come up the other three design options which showcase a minimalist packaging design. The approach is to showcase a natural healthy drink in a modern and stylish way. The rightmost packaging was inspired by the ancient Herbal Encyclopaedia, where we applied a parchment paper design texture as a background for the packaging. This reflects the information contained in the Herbal Encyclopaedia which describes the knowledge of using natural ingredients to create a drink that boosts body health.

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