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Bitto Website

Futuristic Look On Bitto Website And Dashboard

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UX / UI Web Design & Development
Bitto Exchange
Art direction . UI / UX . Web Design . Dashboard Interface

As the world continues to evolve, cryptocurrency is a new set of finance investment that has emerged on the market.As cryptocurrency is an international online trade, the best way to deliver information to a worldwide audience is through an online platform. Thus, we were approached by Bitto exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, to create a website and dashboard for a better user experience.


Cryptocurrency exchange is on the brink of becoming the next revolutionary financial trade of the future. In order to allow investors a better understanding of the trading, we researched, refined and found the best way to transform a complicated mechanism into an engaging and interactive platform. The result is a one-page microsite that is easy to understand and shows an appealing futuristic design.


We created a full set of modern icons customised to suit the needs of Bitto, allowing them to fully enhance the readability and understanding of the audience. With a striking blue as the fundamental colour, the whole direction evokes a futuristic sense which aligns with Bitto’s current services.

Bitto Exchange Dashboard

We designed the Bitto exchange dashboard with user-friendliness as a key feature. Information isorganised in a structured and intuitive way, where the audience can review the latest progressionwith ease.

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